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Value Added Services

Plant Operation & Maintenance

Aqua Matrix attaches a lot of value to client’s commitment and investments for installing advanced recycling systems for protecting the environment. Aqua Matrix has a trained team of plant operating personnel, the team is combination of Supervisors, skilled operators, maintenance technicians and Chemists. Aqua matrix will be able to offer cost effective and efficient options to clients for outsourcing the Operation & Maintenance of their plants.

Water Conditioning Chemical Formulations

Aqua Matrix Believes that it is vital to ensure the fundamental Chemistry right for a successful treatment program, to ensure this Aqua matrix has access to the following in house resources,

  • A complete range of Polyelectrolytes for water and effluent applications.
  • Specialty products like Bio culture, Defoamers, chemoxidants and Deodorants
  • A wide range of preventive maintenance specialty formulations like Antiscalants, Antioxidants and Biocides for UR, RO and MBR.
  • Complete range of Cleaning and Rejuvenation specialty formulations for UR, RO and MBR membranes.