Effluent Treatment
Effluent Treatment is a social and environmental obligation for all industries, Aqua Matrix offers effluent treatment schemes for a wide range of industries, with over an decade of experience in a wide range of industries like Automobile and ancillaries, Food and Beverages, Breweries and Distilleries, Petro chemicals, Minerals and Metal processing, Paper, Sugar, Foundries and Forging , Pharmaceuticals , Paint , Textile and Leather.

All Effluent Treatment plants are designed with an accent to save on space, reduce solid waste generation, lower power cost and utilize proven technologies. Treatment schemes are backed up with in house laboratory testing facilities with a wide range of specialty chemicals.
Aqua Matrix offers on turnkey from concept to commissioning Effluent treatment plants.

Primary Treatment

  • Screening, Mechanized and Manual
  • Oil, Grease and Fat Traps and removal systems
  • pH Correction
  • Chemical Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Primary Clarification
  • Electro Catalytic Oxidation
  • Dissolved Air Floatation

Secondary Treatment

  • Anaerobic Reactors with gas Flaring & Storage.
  • Anoxic Tanks
  • Trickling Filters
  • Biological Aeration systems
    • Conventional Activated sludge Process
    • Submerged Media based Reactors
    • Fluidized Bed Media based Reactors
  • Aeration options
    • Slow Speed Fixed Aerators
    • Floating Aerators
    • Diffused aeration using fine bubble membranes
    • Immersed jet loop aerators
  • Bio sludge separation
    • Clarifiers with drive head and bottom rake arm sweepers
    • Fluted Media Separates
    • Lamella Separators
  • Bio Gas utilization from anaerobic digestion
    • Gas powered generators
    • Gas storage and distribution to kitchen / Lighting.

Tertiary Treatment

    • Chemical Coagulation & Clarification
    • Electro chemical Oxidation
    • Chemical Oxidation
    • Pressure Filters Single/ Multi layered media.
    • Activated Carbon Filters.

Effluent Recycling

Effluent recycling requires a deep understanding of the water chemistry with in depth engineering knowledge to offer the best recycling option to its clients. Aqua Matrix offers the following unique advantaged to ensure client’s investments are secure and produce attractive return on investments.

• Technology sourcing from around the Globe from world’s leading manufacturers
• In house experience of over 25 years in project execution.
• Latest Generation Membrane configurations
• In house Laboratory and Pilot Plant testing facilities.
• Wide range of specialized chemical Formulation for specific applications like

    ◦ Toxic chemicals removal
    ◦ High silica Antiscalants
    ◦ Organic scavengers
    ◦ Application specific polyelectrolyte.

Typical Aqua Matrix recycling schemes have the following treatment stages

  • Pre conditioning

                ◦ Chemical / Electro catalytic Oxidation
                ◦ Filtration

  • Ultra –filtration
Reverse Osmosis ( Multi Pass Systems)